Evaluna Montaner is a singer and actress that made her first steps in entertainment at a very early age with her father Ricardo Montaner.

As a child she learned to play the harp and the piano while taking dance classes. Her artistic debut was at age 4 on the “Si Tuviera Que Elegir” musical video from Montaner.

As a dancer and singer, she has been a part of her dads tours in Latin America and in 2012 she was invited to participate as a main character on the telenovela Grachi, a Nickelodeon production with whom she worked with for two seasons.

In 2013 she recorded the song “Si Existe”, produced by her brother Ricky Montaner, that became a bug success with over 100 million views on YouTube/Vevo.

In 2015, Evaluna was part of the cast for the movie “Hot Pursuit” with Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara; and has recently been on the TV show Club 57 for Nicklelodeon where she acts and sings many of the songs included on the soundtrack of the show.

Her most recent singles in 2020 were “If The World was Ending” with JP Sax, a song that became iconic in these times; and “Por Primera Vez” with Camilo, that reached the top of the charts in Latin America.

She has also participated on the videos for “Tutu”, “La Dificil” and “Favorito” with her husband and creative partner Camilo with whom she has also collaborated as the video director for his songs  “El Mismo Aire”, “Bebe” and “Titanic” with Kany Garcia.

Evaluna continues her path as an actress and as a singer working on new projects for 2021.